Artistname : Keltik Style : Psytrance
Real name : Mark Veenhuizen Pleasure : Open Air Festivals
Location : Netherlands     Acid
Occupation : Music-production Dancing in the sun

Mark was born and raised in the north of the Netherlands (Groningen), where often rainy clouds hang over a flat landscape. This explains the dark but thoughtfull atmospheres in his music and this, together with uplifting trance-rythms, makes Keltik's music usefull for shamanic activities on the dancefloor.

Keltik was founded in 1997 when independent label Neon planned on releasing its first CD-album "Access to Innerspace"(1998) which was a mystical work of hardcore trance. The music was written and produced by Mark Veenhuizen, and Neon had hard times selling it probably because of its obscure style. Also Boom!Records released a track on their first compilation-CD, a year later Neon released two more tracks on a compilation-CD. In the early days Keltik became localy known through live-performances, which were rare on parties in Groningen those days, at parties organized by TILT (1996-1999).

After some years of developing style and skills, independent label Psy-Grunn was interested in releasing new Keltik material which resulted in "Liquid" (2000). This time produced by Mark Veenhuizen with the help of Mark Scheper (from D*Time) who produced space-samples and -synths for most of the tracks.

In 2004 he produced for a new label "Spontaneous Aerobics" (Germany) who released one fresh track and hopefully more in the future. The latest tracks tend to be more open, creating space for listeners' own fantasies.

Lately Keltik combined forces with Rolf (Solar Project) and DJ Trang in their new 'Oblix Project'. Just for the 'Chaotic Theory - Psytrance Party' (october 2004) they put together an electronic jamsession. Eventhou they sounded well chaotic, the audience were positively suprised.

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