Mark's musical adventure started with building a bassguitar, when he was about 15 years old, and using it in a hardcore punkband. The band started of as "Buiten Adem" (which means as much as "exhausted") with Mark playing bass, but was later called "Catweazle" with Mark on vocals. In those years (1986-1990) they played in squads in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
After that he looked for other styles and found them in the reggaeband "Quest for Fire" (1991-1997) playing bass, and in doing vocals for "Dr. Phybes" (1994-1997) a skaband. And aswell playing bass in african bands "Miriya" and "Badenya". In those days he developed an interest in recording techniques, buying a 4 tracker and a drum machine, and releasing his first demotapes with reggae and dub tracks as "Mr. Markus"(1993-1996).

One of best things to do after playing a gig with one of the bands is going to a house-party, he found out! And after having fully enjoyed this new (in those days) and vibrant scene he wanted to produce that heavy bass psychedelic shit. That's how an addiction for electronic musical equipment developed. And that's when (1996) the foundations for "Celtic" (later "Keltik") were laid.

Besides making music he now is working as audio-/lights- technician for bands and house-parties. Still, some music projects are crossing his way. These are projects like "DubwiZe"; a studio dub production with members of Quest for Fire and Dr.Phybes, and "Fools Rush In"; recording songs written by Roger, and lately "Oblix Project".

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